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Tips on placing telephone calls and writing effective letters

Elected officials are very sensitive to the views of their constituents—especially those constituents who are thoughtful and involved.

Be Prepared:  You already know something about the issue when you decide to contact your elected official, but try to line up more facts to back up your point of view. Whether you are supporting or opposing a piece of legislation, clear, reasonable expressions of your opinion will get priority treatment. Avoid excessive documentation, which won’t be read.

Telephoning: A telephone call can be a very effective action tool. Be sure you are prepared and well informed and place your call at a strategic time: just before a vote. If a public official is not available, speaking with an administrative assistant can also be effective.

Letter Writing: The letter, sent by the postal service,  fax or e-mail, is the most widely used form of communication with public officials. The amount of mail on a particular bill frequently helps determine an office holder’s position.

Letter Writing Dos

Letter Writing Don’ts